May 2005

In such a rush to cash the check then off to see the Wizard. How much he is going to receive from Eddie is anybody's guess. Whatever it is, Eddie will give willingly and every time afterward. What's left over, party time.

Word will spread like wildfire that he is carrying a lot of cash and every piece of shit predator will try to mooch or take it from him. And they will! Just hope he has the sense to drop off the bulk of it at his mother's place. Was there once a few weeks ago myself.

A group of gangbangers did a stomping and I saw Eddie staggering about in the park. Face like a crushed tomato, clothes torn and pockets turned inside out, he refused to go to the hospital and told me his mother's address. Couldn't walk so I picked him up and put him in my war wagon.

Got stopped by five-O asking what happened to him and I told them he fell off a park bench and I am bringing him home.

Carried him up one flight of stairs and when the mother came out I thought at first she was going to have a heart attack. Laid him down on the couch, almost instantly fell asleep. She thanked me and offered a cup of coffee so I stayed.

Talked about their lives together after his father died, the ups and downs, with him being on the street, etc. Wasn't really listening until the Wizard's name came up. Lady, you have my undivided attention.

"One day he came in all excited asking for his birth papers. When I asked why, he said he had a friend, a Mister Wizard? downstairs waiting and he needed the papers to help process his application for disability benefits. Cadillac Man, my son might not be the brightest person, but there is nothing physically wrong with him aside from the drinking. I tried to talk him out of it and he yelled at me saying, Wizard said, 'Everybody out in the streets is doing it so I might as well too,' and grabbed the papers, kissed me, and was gone. I went to the window, looked down, and saw my son talking to this Wizard fellow. A strange man with white hair in the middle, a funny-looking coat and stick, wish I could have seen his face. Then the unthinkable happened.

"A few days later while doing some chores, I heard police cars in front of the house and a lot of footsteps heading up to the roof. I got scared and left. Outside there was a huge crowd across the street looking up at the rooftop. Curious, I looked and there standing on the ledge ready to jump was my Edward! I screamed and fainted.

"Came to lying on a stretcher in an ambulance. Fearfully, I asked about my son. They said he was okay, managed to grab him, and he will spend the next few days in the hospital for observation. After being released I tried talking to him. It was useless and one of his answers really scared me. 'Ma, I had to do it, it is the only way.' Then one night I get a phone call from the police saying that he is back in the hospital. He tried to commit suicide by slashing his wrists with a broken bottle, and this time they kept him for a month. And who do you think was there when he got out?"


"Right. I was going to pick him up and saw both of them talking, then Mr. Wizard spotted me, said one more thing to my son, and then left. He stayed with me for a while, kept all his appointments then started drinking again then finally not coming home. Forgot to take his medicine along and when I looked at them some were unopened! Can't prove it but I feel strongly that is the cause of my son's problems. Please Cadillac Man, whenever you can please watch over him. Please," she cried, "please."
I said I will try, then it was time for me to go. Leaving, felt bad that I couldn't tell her I knew about the Wizard and why upset her more? Am I right?

And now as I speak he is probably paying him off. I have to find Eddie, his life is in danger and it wouldn't surprise me if the Wizard spreads the word around that Eddie has a pocket full of cash.
I hope it ain't too late. Shit, I should never have let him go.

Went by the bank and two check-cashing places and didn't see them. Only spot left to check out, the park. There he is and not alone, looks like a fucking block party.

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